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Today is the best time to donate!

If you are wondering how to Donate or how much, just give with your heart! First and foremost, all of your contributions are 100% tax deductible. Our programs help knock down the barriers that undermine opportunities for young people to not only just get ahead in life but to thrive and live in dignity and to have a great future. And through The Clean Queen pre-apprenticeship programs we can help them reach their greatest potential. However, in order for our programs to be impactful they need the support of dedicated donors like you. Your charitable donation helps change the direction of our community, our children and our nation for the better. When people like you make a donation, the young adults in our community can receive the education and training to not only understand how to do skilled work but also understand how chemicals work, machinery, safety equipment, keep records, promptness, accounting, business management, industrial material handling and much more. Your donation is an investment towards helping others build a brighter future for themselves. You can give charity in different ways, however some of the easy ways to donate include: Monthly: You can become a monthly donor and continue your support throughout the year and beyond.

It is one of the most convenient ways to support our community and our society. Fundraise: Another way to donate is to fundraise, you can raise the concern for generous donation today through your multiple channels. With your fundraising approach, you can help our community to receive the readiness, the awareness and the understanding of how important it is to prepare young adults with job training opportunities and how to participate in their communities productively and how they can shape their futures with job readiness!. Partner with Us: support a young adult's pre-apprenticeship program for 3 months for $500 or $1,000 for 6 months or $1500 for program duration! This will provide for one young adult, equipment, books and supplies. Moreover, you can also go for our Corporate Sponsorship packages!
You can also Donate by sending a check or Money order to The Clean Queen Inc Po Box 68334 Seattle WA. 98168

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Bronze Supporter- $75/month

We appreciate our Bronze Supporters because they are standing in agreement with the commitment to strengthen and empower our community through positive young adult opportunities.


Silver Supporter- $150/month

Just like the Bronze Supporters, our Silver Supporters are also committed to empowering young people in our community, but are able to increase their level of support a little bit more. If you are able to give more to support these deserving young adults, then we invite you to give at the Silver Supporter level.


Gold Supporter – $200/month

A Golden Supporter is one who has decided to take a vested interest in The Clean Queen Inc efforts. This member wants to promote their interest as well. The Golden Supporter will receive a commemorative gift to show the world that he/she is supporting our efforts to uplift young people of our community.