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Residential and Commercial Post Cleaning Services in Seattle WA

The Clean Queen Inc is a professional house cleaning service in the region of Seattle, WA, USA. This Inc is an initiative of Cassandra Corbett, who works with dedication to recruit volunteers for commercial cleaning services.

This organization has completed many cleaning contracts in the past and hopes to provide cleaning services to many more clients in the future. Know about the different services that we offer by searching for the best residential and commercial cleaning services in Seattle, USA, and by visiting our website. Our service features include cleaning the dirt in your rooms, washing glass windows, and removal of commercial labels present on the different house items.

During times of the spread of the COVID-19 infection order the most beneficial commercial and residential cleaning services near mefor your home at affordable costs. Our company is a nonprofit cleaning company. Our cleaners who volunteer to clean your house or commercial room use different disinfectants and sanitizers to maintain hygienic conditions. There are plenty of germs or microbes present on your room floor or table desk which requires the use of high qualitydisinfectants to make your room shine and sparkle. We provide exclusive post- construction cleaning of your commercial or residential building.

Who we are

Meet the best team behind
our success story

cassandra corbett

Cassandra Corbett Jackson

President, and Executive Director

The founder of The Queen Clean Inc, oversees the company’s operation and quality control. She is a certified custodian who is aware of all of the different levels of safety and environmental regulations (including Covid-19 guidelines). Founded in 2012 Cassandra has many years of hands-on experience. The Clean Queen Inc is also partnered with Renegades For Life Youth Outreach Organization, and a contributor to the 23rd and Cherry Fellowship Hall and The Serenity Seekers nonprofit organizations.

jeffery jackson

Jeffery Jackson

Vice President

Jeffery Jackson is currently a transit operator for King County WA (42 years) and is the husband of Cassandra. He is a driving force of energy and encouragement. He manages and oversees the organization’s budget and evaluates the productivity of all roles. His input allows for Cassandra to evaluate outcomes, streamline costs and do assessments to determine if any changes need to be made, evaluating what is working well or could be working better with adjustments or slight modifications. As husband and wife, Jeffrey and Cassandra inspire each other.

Katrina hunter

Katrina Hunter

Supervisor, Boardmember

Katrina works as an Outreach/Case Manager at Evergreen Treatment Services. She provides support and resources to the most vulnerable populations in and around the Seattle area. Katrina is a part-time lead supervisor for The Clean Queen Inc from the past 6 years. She is responsible for training, scheduling, stocking supplies, and distributing the cleaning kits and PPE supplies. She is also instrumental in making sure that everyone understands and follows the COVID-19 guidelines.

Che Warren

Che Warren

Board Member & Administrative Director

Che Warren is a business associate with experience in office management. Che also arranges meetings,appointments and travels, and functions as a liaison for teams, units and the youth outreach program Renegades For Life.She is also knowledgeable and experienced in event management.

Pamela Caprpinelli

Pamela Caprpinelli

Treasurer (Accountant)

Treasurer Mrs. Pamela Capenelli is a certified accountant. Pamela brings years of experience asa C.P.A., and is responsible for financial management and oversight.

Saleem Robinson

Saleem Robinson


Mr. Saleem Robinson BA Psychology, MA Social Work, AA Political Science. Responsible for setting meeting agendas in conjunction with Company Secretary, as well as managing and providing leadership to the Board of Directors and acting as a liaison between the Board and the company’smanagement team.