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Support Your Local Youth Programs During COVID

The coronavirus has impacted our lives drastically, and youths are no exception. According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), 255 million full-time jobs have lost during the pandemic. For two decades, the world is seeing a downward trend in poverty and is expecting the number of people living in poverty get reduced by 31 million. But on the contrary, the covid-19 pandemic has broken the two-decades-old trend and, the number of people living in poverty rises to 93 million. So, youth jobs program in Seattle WA are need of the hour where millions of youth get unemployed, and many families get slipped into the gorge of poverty.


Objectives of Youth Job Programs in Seattle WA

Youth programs aid young minds to skill themselves and earn their livelihood. These programs are changing the lives of many youths and, their objectives get conferred below.

  • Youth jobs program in Seattle WA are designed to assess the situation of the youth during pandemics and how they and their families get affected. These programs will track the jobs and skills that the young people possess and motivate them with success stories of innovation and resilience.
  • Youth jobs program in Seattle WA aim to develop new skills among youth so that they can cope up with the changing work environment post-pandemic.
  • Youth jobs program in Seattle WA head towards providing youth training jobs so that the youth can become skilled and earn their livelihood.

Role of Youth Job Programs in Seattle WA

As per World Economic Forum, almost 54% of all the employees need to refill or upskill themselves to adapt to meet the demands of their changing working climate. The work environment has seen a shift post-pandemic, and now, youth training jobs focus on building new skills so that the young population can adapt to the changing work environment. Through youth training jobs, the young minds have to keep in mind the two things- learn and unlearn, and how one can procure useful information from uncountable resources available across the web. Let's discuss how youth training jobs are helping the blooming youths and society to capitalize on the changing times.

Expanding soft skill framework

Youth training jobs impart soft skills like creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and communication to the youths, making them withstand the tough times in the covid-19 pandemic. The first thing the young generation needs to learn is how to learn.

Learn to learn

The skill to relearn is most often underestimated by many training curricula thinking that intelligence is all that is in the process of learning. The process for learning doesn't merely require intelligence because the research says that 40% of the learning ability depends on metacognition. The ability of the person to understand his thoughts needs to be learned by the individuals, to reap the outcomes out of their learning process.


The world gets filled with uncountable information both offline and online, which includes some misleading information too. Misinformation can cause the youth to make wrong decisions in their lives and eventually landing them in trouble. So, through youth training jobs, the youngsters are educated to use reliable information by checking the sources to avoid falling prey to misleading facts.

Building adaptable entrepreneurial earners

Youth training jobs let young minds develop cognitive abilities with an entrepreneurial mindset. They should be well aware of the opportunities and know how to grab them to earn their living. The young people are exposed to real-world projects so that they can rewire their minds for finding solutions out of the complex situations at work.

Go online

Digitalization at work is in vogue post-pandemic. The youth training jobs are now making use of remote learning which proves to be efficacious to the large number of marginalized youths who have access to the internet. The programs are reinventing the new ways of imparting training, capitalizing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube to mentor the large chunk of youths and promote peer-to-peer learning.

Mental-well being of youths

The pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of the youths. The young generation is found with rising symptoms of anxiety and depression. These youth jobs program in Seattle WA motivate the employees by success stories of other young people who show resilience during the pandemic.

Reach vulnerable groups of the society 

Usually, employment opportunities or training programs are accessible to people living in suburban areas. Mostly, the youths belonging to the vulnerable section of society do not have access to training programs. Digitalization has let the training programs reach remote areas and make them accessible to the marginalized section of society.


Covid-19 has adversely affected our lives and, youth get hit by the pandemic owing to losing their jobs. It leads to a sense of insecurity and fear among the minds of youth. But, youth jobs program in Seattle WA are doing a commendable job to train them and make them reach their future goals.


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