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A Comprehensive Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

How would you like to do the final inspection for the project when your construction gets completed fully and you have to make sure that everything is clean, organized, and maintained properly? 

In getting the final walkthrough of the project site, The Clean Queen Inc plays a very crucial role in Post Construction Cleaning, and commercial and residential cleaning services near me. And to do it effectively, we ensure many critical elements are taken care of with our customized Post Construction Checklist. After the construction, making the site clutter-free is an overwhelming task.

It's going to be one of the helpful blogs for post construction cleaning Queens checklist- if not the most.

So, let's begin!

What is Post Construction Checklist 

A Post Construction Checklist is complete paperwork that segments the different areas of the workplace into a particular category for cleaning, which involves floor cleaning, vacuuming the carpet, removing adhesive from the doors, windows, and electrical appliances. In another way, we can say that it helps workers to identify clean up tasks that need to be done after construction is completed.

Why Do We Need a Post Construction Checklist? 

A Post Construction Checklist plays a vital role in checking the construction work on parameters like Rough Interior Cleaning. That mainly involves a task like removing debris of construction such as scraps from construction work, floors sweeping, dusting, and windows cleaning. Another very important parameter is Exterior Construction Clean up that involves work like lumber clearing, washing outdoor windows, and also cleaning driveways. That is why a post-construction checklist is important.

What to include in your post-construction cleaning checklist?

A post-construction cleaning checklist is helpful for workers to keep themselves updated with the completed and pending cleaning tasks. So, without any further delay, let us confer how you can prepare your post-construction cleaning checklist.

Entrance and exit

The first thing the owner will reach is the entrance door to the building and other doors. Make sure that they are cleaned and check for the following:

  • Dust off all exterior lights
  • Check if all lights are in working condition
  • Dust and wipe the windows 
  • Dust and wipe doors, their frames, and doorknobs.

Living area

After getting done with the doors and windows, the next thing you should include in the post construction cleaning Queens checklist is the common area. You should check if the living room is free of debris and clean. It should get cleaned in a way that nobody can guess if some construction work had taken place over there. So, here is the post construction cleaning Queens checklist.

  • Is the floor mopped and wiped?
  • If all lights are in working condition and without dust?
  • Do doorknobs and light switches are clean?
  • Are all the windows and their sills, frames free of dust particles and wiped?
  • Is all the trash dumped?
  • Is the floor clean and does not have any stains of paint or anything?
  • Are all the doors and their frames clean?


If you want to rank top on the search list of people looking for commercial and residential cleaning services near me, then you cannot leave any stone unturned concerning the cleaning process by your team. So, here we are discussing the checklist when you enter the kitchen, inspecting it for cleaning.

  • Are all the shelves and counters free of dirt?
  • Are all appliances inside the kitchen dust-free and clean?
  • Are the appliances cleaned from inside?
  • Is all the cabinet hardware clean and secure?
  • Is the floor clean and mopped?
  • Does any trash leave?
  • Are the sink and backsplash clean?
  • Are all the windows with their frames clean? 


After getting over with the living area and kitchen, it is now the turn for the bathroom for inspection so that you do not miss out cleaning anything and choose you every time they search for commercial and residential cleaning services near me.

  • Are the sink, shower, and tub clean and sanitized?
  • Are mirrors and cabinets clean and wiped out?
  • Is the floor mopped?
  • If the cabinets are cleaned from the inside?
  • Are windows, lights, doors, doorknobs cleaned?
  • Is all trash dumped out?


If you want your team to work the best and most preferred by the people when they search for commercial and residential cleaning services near me, then you should check every corner of the building for cleaning and the bedroom should be no exception, and here's the checklist for bedroom.

  • Are ceiling fans clean?
  • Is the floor free of stains and well-mopped?
  • Are the shelves free of dust?
  • Are the doors and windows, along with their frames cleaned?

Outdoor space 

It is the last area after its inspection you can have a sigh of relief. Last not but not least, let us see the following things in your checklist for outdoor space.

  • Are the walkways clean and washed?
  • Is the trash dumped?
  • Is the mailbox clean?


The above checklist is for the inspection of residential buildings and likewise, you can create your checklist depending upon the type of building you are provided for cleaning post construction.


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